Portage is early intervention program specifically designed to meet the need of 0-7 aged children with special needs.

In Georgia Portage International Program was introduced in 2006.


Any type of your assistance will be extremely valuable for us. Regardless of the amount of toys we purchase on a monthly basis they never seem to suffice, because we use them daily while communicating with our children. We often need to take toys and other developmental goods to the daycares; they’re also very helpful while working at the baby orphanages. At the Georgian Portage Association we have a library of toys and children’s books. If you’d wish to enrich our foundation, we’d joyfully receive such goods as: lotto games, pyramids and cubes of different sizes and colors, colored balls, musical and button toys and etc. We also urgently require paints, drawing papers, sculpting dough, plasticines, children’s books with drawings and etc.